Green Papers

The Green Box is calling out all young people aged between 15 and 29 to help us identify developmental problems in Pakistan and think about their innovative solutions.

At Green Box’s Youth Engagement Lab, we believe in the power of young people like you and invite you to write about an issue you are passionate to address. We are looking for short articles, problem or policy briefs targeted to governmental & non-governmental organisations and academic institutions.  Through this you will get a chance to participate in ‘World’s Largest Lesson’ Campaign and help generate youth-led research in Pakistan!

How does it work?

1-Choose a theme/ topic:

  • You can write about almost anything. To help you identify a specific topic, 6 broader themes for sustainable development goals have been identified. These include: poverty/ health and wellbeing/ education, skills and jobs/ a just world- gender equality, justice and peace/ sustainability and environment- protect the planet/ global goals- local consciousness. Choose all the themes that apply to your topic.
  • We are looking for short articles, briefs or notes of upto 600 – 800 words in English or Urdu. Kindly note these need to be written in your own words. Where using information, images or tables from another source, kindly provide a full reference at the end of the article.

2-Express your interest:

  • Before starting to write, send us a short snapshot of your idea. This will allow us to help you further develop your idea or if someone else is working on a similar topic, we might ask you to do something slightly different or connect you with that person so more thoughtful ideas can come up.
  • To express your interest, kindly fill this short form.
  • We will try to get back to you in 3 working days. You are requested to only start working on the article/ paper once you receive formal invitation to submit full draft.

3-Draft and submit for review:

  • If invited to submit a full length article/ paper, you will be provided with a deadline to submit your work. This will usually be 15 days after we accept your expression of interest.
  • Kindly email your work in MS Word Format (docx version) with work title and your name in the subject line to
  • Our research team will review your submission according to a set criteria. We will look for quality of technical information, plagiarism count, grammar and sentence structure. Please note the review committee reserves the right to make grammatical and formating modifications to ensure consistency with ‘Green Papers’ format.

4-Publication and Certificate of Appreciation:

  • After peer review, your submission will be allocated a slot for publication. We will inform you of the day when your work will be published so you can share it with your friends and family. We will also share the work on our social media platforms and with governmental and non-governmental stakeholders when possible.
  • As this initiative is a part of UN World’s Largest Lesson Campaign, you will receive an e-certificate for your contribution to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and a letter of appreciation from the Green Box.

We look forward to your contributions. Can’t wait to build a youth-led evidence bank for Pakistan!

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