Our Story

Back in 2017, we co-founded Green Box at the Social Venture Weekend at Cambridge Judge Business School, UK. We wanted to create an organisation which will help young people in Pakistan become environmental citizens and understand the changing dynamics of the world through building better skills mix and contribute towards the sustainable change in Pakistan which we all talk about every day. Initially, we thought the launch of Education for Sustainable development (SD) program in Pakistan which schools will subscribe and pay us an annual subscription fee.

We pivoted the idea to create an educational game which young people can play to learn the concepts of SD. As we moved along the course of our journey, we did a lot of market research and talked to young people and even adults working for youth engagement across Pakistan and at bi/multilateral organizations like UNESCO, UNDP, SDSN youth, etc. and finally came up with the working model which we are currently implementing.

We successfully pilot the Sustainable Impact Partner Program in Pakistan with 30 young social changemakers in 2018. The partners have co-created and are coordinating community projects for environmental action. All these projects are aiming to engage at least 200 community members i.e. women, children, teachers etc. We also piloted the ‘Footprint’ curriculum allowing students to learn about sustainable thinking, project management skills, community action, stakeholders’ engagement, etc. We have so far engaged 1000 young students between the age 18-29. We got a chance to present the program design and seek support from UNESCO HQ, Paris.  We also championed the consultation for youth citizen engagement in Pakistan amongst all key stakeholders including UNDP and UN Volunteers, getting recognition as market leader in Pakistan.

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