COVID-19 does not mean climate action is on hold

We are a social enterprise, we are looking forward to a transformational and green recovery with early action on a longer-term agenda to address climate change, avoid habitat loss and fragmentation, reverse the loss of biodiversity, reduce pollution and improve waste management and infrastructure in Pakistan.

We wish to enable young people to become a key part of the solution to environmental challenges in Pakistan

Green Box is a youth-driven engagement lab nurturing sustainability leadership in Pakistan. We are developing a community of young people for environmental action and accountability. We are doing this through tools, practical experience, and network to drive change nation-wide.

Untapping Greener Future Together!

UN insists on a world that cannot afford a lost generation of youth, their lives set back by COVID-19 and their voices stifled by a lack of participation. We need to do more to harness the talents of young people to address the crisis and its aftermath. Green Box is committing to a green future of work in the post COVIDー19 world. Our commitment resonates with GreenStimulus package announced by the Government of Pakistan and Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Let’s un-tap the future of green jobs in Pakistan together!

Other Core Porgrams

Sustainable Impact Partner Program

A simulation-based curriculum to engage tertiary level students across Pakistan to receive approximately 100 credit hours of training on sustainability leadership skills. Moreover, in order to facilitate the application of this learning in real, local community settings students can choose to customize their program by selecting one of the four practicum schemes offered including Environmental Sustainability’s nexus with Health, Green Technologies, Governance & Leadership and Social Innovation.

Environmental Sustainability Lab

A keyspace for young people to access tools and resources to co-develop evidence-based, innovative capstone projects addressing local environmental sustainability challenges and building climate resilience of the nation.

Young Climate Resilience Force

A learning network on climate resilience for young students in Pakistan. The program entails practice-based learning opportunities and access to growing network of young climate leaders across the country.

It’s been two years & since then…


Ran two completely digital Impact Partners Fellowship Program – 60 graduates of the program


More than 5000 young children trained on simulation based curriculum for environmental sustainability


Provided institutional support to Government of Pakistan and Academic Partners including Ministry of Climate Change, Government College University, etc


Some of the most impressive elements of the project to date include the thoughtfulness that has gone into the design of the project, attention to detail mixed with a very practical approach that is both appealing to young people, and realistic in building a long term and sustainable approach to working with youth. Green Box is one of the best youth developed and driven projects that have been implemented in the Asia Pacific region over the last 10 years.

Dr Sue Vize, Regional Adviser for Social and Human Sciences for Asia and the Pacific, UNESCO Bangkok

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