Young Climate Resilience Force

The Government of Pakistan is leading the youth engagement for sustainable development paradigm in Pakistan. The recently developed National Youth Development Framework 2019 extensively promotes thee vision on ‘Naya (New) Pakistan’ which supports socially integrated youth who espouse the values of volunteerism, inclusivity and environmental concern. It categorically identifies environmental protection and conservation, climate change, access to clean drinking water and water conservation, food security and green initiatives as key focus areas for youth’s health and social well-being under the mandate of ‘Green Youth Movement’.

Green Box fully endorses this strategic mandate and wishes to contribute in expanding national effort for youth engagement for climate change resilience and adaptation mechanisms development in Pakistan. Many young people in Pakistan are acutely aware of the national social and environmental issues, but lack understanding of the complexity of these issues and solutions and have rarely been given the means and opportunity to take positive, meaningful action. To counteract this, Green Box is launching ‘Young Climate Resilience Force’ as a key learning network on climate resilience for young students (lower/upper secondary and tertiary levels) in Pakistan.

The program entails practice-based learning opportunities and access to growing network of young climate leaders across the country. It will enable young individuals to contribute to achieving SDG 13 on climate action by equipping them with the knowledge and competencies they need, not only to understand what the SDG is about, but to engage as informed citizens in bringing about the necessary transformation at national, local and individual levels.

Who can become a member of #ClimateForcePK?

The programme is designed for three tiers of students wishing to gain insight into climate change challenges and resilience opportunities for Pakistan: 

  • Novice Tier: Grade 6-9 (Lower Secondary) 
  • Champion Tier: Grade 10-12 (Upper Secondary)
  • Expert Tier: University (Undergraduate and Graduate)

How to become a member of #ClimateForcePK?

To become a member of #ClimateForcePK, a mandatory 2-Day Climate Clinic needs to be attended.

2-Day #ClimateForcePK Clinic

A 2-Day #ClimateForcePK Clinic will be held nationwide on periodic basis at different schools, colleges and universities. The Clinic will include the following key activities:

Day 1: Climate Design Shop

The Design Shop will provide an opportunity for young people to discuss, understand, share, find solutions and develop strategies on issues pertaining to youth and climate change that can be implemented at national, provincial, and local levels in Pakistan.

By exploring these dimensions, participants will collaborate in developing ideas and strategies for effective implementation through a series of demonstration projects. In particular, the day long workshop will help participants be able to:

  • prioritize a number of climate-related targets that are particularly important for their community and Pakistan
  • sketch out strategies of how to mobilize local stakeholders around feasible resilience and adaptation solutions
  • practice to become an active multiplier of climate change conversations with other students and stakeholders

Day 2: En-Roads (Climate Action Simulation)

For the first time in Pakistan, Green Box is introducing the ‘Climate Action Simulation’ which is a highly interactive, role-playing game developed by MIT Sustainability Initiative. It uses the En-ROADS simulation model to explore key technology and policy solutions for addressing global warming. The game is conducted as a simulated emergency climate summit organized by the United Nations that convenes global stakeholders to establish a concrete plan that limits warming to Paris Agreement goals. This game is a fun format for exploring climate change solutions and see what it would really take to address this global challenge. 

Beyond the Clinic:

United Nations Climate Change Badge

Green Box is one of many global Youth and United Nations Global Alliance (YUNGA) tribes and is administering United Nations Climate Change Badge in Pakistan. Beyond the 2-Day Clinic, participants become member of YUNGA tribe and can complete suggested steps to receive United Nations Climate Change badge and certificate from YUNGA.

Environmental Sustainability Lab

Upon completion of the clinic, Climate Force Members will become a part of growing community of digital ‘Environmental Sustainability Lab’ hosted by Workplace (Facebook). Climate Force Members will be able to access all features and facilities available through the Lab, with an opportunity to co-brainstorm and create nation-wide community solutions for holistic environmental action.

For Host Organisations/ Educational Institutes

If you are interested to host the 2-Day Clinic, please contact Mohsen Gul (Team Leader) at

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