Get water shoes? climate change heightens ‘flood risk’ in Pakistan

Guest Contribution: Ahmad Ahsan Torrential downpours flooded huge swaths of Northern Pakistan in July; leading to nearly 50 deaths and damage and destruction to residences, infrastructure, and crops. These rains came atop the monsoon season, which historically has been the harbinger of flooding for decades. Over to the East, monsoon fueled storms and floods haveContinue reading “Get water shoes? climate change heightens ‘flood risk’ in Pakistan”

Climate Action Now | Sustainabilitea with Dawar

In this new series, Green Box invites young changemakers for sustainabilitea with co-founder Mohsen Gul. Mohsen poses candid questions about their motivations, experiences and hurdles. Our next guest is Dawar Hameed Butt, a public policy specialist who is passionate about climate change resilience in Pakistan and has been an integral part of organising highly successfulContinue reading “Climate Action Now | Sustainabilitea with Dawar”

Higher Education for Sustainable Development in Pakistan

In Pakistan, several reports and articles have pointed out the youth population bulge and the need to utilise the potential of this demographic dividend. But a lesser stated fact is that this window of opportunity is expected to close by the year 2045 after which the young population in Pakistan will start to decrease. Hence,Continue reading “Higher Education for Sustainable Development in Pakistan”

ڈگری برائے علم یا نوکری؟

Sher Afghan Ranjha currently studies at the Government College University Lahore and at the age of 18 has raised an important question on behalf of his peers. In this essay titled ‘Degree for knowledge or job?’, he attempts to unravel the missing link of Pakistan’s current education system i.e. focus on real, holistic learning. SustainableContinue reading “ڈگری برائے علم یا نوکری؟”

#Voice: 8 ways to cut waste from our lives by Amna Haq

#Voice is GBox’s community content platform. This article has been written by a young environmentalist, Amna Haq. Amna is a third year BSc Environmental Sciences student at Bahria University, Islamabad, Pakistan. She wishes to bring about the environmental steward in herself and at least one more person during her graduate studies. More power to suchContinue reading “#Voice: 8 ways to cut waste from our lives by Amna Haq”

Pakistan has planted a billion trees in just 2 years!

A province in Pakistan has planted a billion trees in just two years as part of an effort to restore forests wiped out by decades of felling and natural disasters such as floods. The project – dubbed Billion Tree Tsunami – aims to slow down the effects of global warming in Pakistan which ranks inContinue reading “Pakistan has planted a billion trees in just 2 years!”

Inspiring life of Ruth Pfau – the Savior of Leprosy Patients

A symbol of selfness Dr. Ruth Katharina Martha Pfau was a German nun who dedicated her life to eradicating Leprosy in Pakistan and has been called Pakistan’s ‘Mother Teresa’. Dr. Ruth Pfau was born on 9 September 1929, in Leipzig Germany was fourth of five daughters. During World War II as a teenager she barelyContinue reading “Inspiring life of Ruth Pfau – the Savior of Leprosy Patients”