Sustainable Impact Partners Program

Sustainability Impact Partner Program is a year-long fellowship to engage tertiary level students across Pakistan to receive approximately 100 credit hours of training on sustainability leadership skills, peer mentorship and access to exclusive digital simulations based ‘Footprint©’ curriculum. They are encouraged to co-develop evidence-based, innovative capstone projects addressing local environmental sustainability challenges. Moreover, in order to facilitate the application of this learning in real, local community settings students can choose to customize their program by selecting one of the four practicum schemes offered including Environmental Sustainability’s nexus with Health, Green Technologies, Governance & Leadership and Social Innovation.

We successfully piloted the Sustainable Impact Partner Program in Pakistan with 30 young social changemakers in 2018. The partners have co-created and are coordinating community projects for environmental action. All these projects are aiming to engage at least 200 community members i.e. women, children, teachers etc. In the first annual cohort, we are working on projects ranging from developing low-cost enzyme impregnated strips to assess local water contamination levels, conducting research on climate change impacts on modern slavery incidence, developing eco-friendly office stationary using community waste, to crowdsourcing real-time data for monitoring environmental impacts of local systems and holding policymakers accountable for their actions.

How does the program look like?

Current Impact PartnersExperience so far?

Fellowship with green box has taught me alot. It taught me about SDGs, project management, strategy making and project designing etc. It helped me in learning the ethics of working for change and development. Every month with new assignments and projects I learnt alot from each assignment. And I am really thankful to Mohsen and Ehsan for it. Thank you for providing us this platform and teaching us new things. – Mahnoor Cheema
The fellowship with the green box has provided me with a new outlook and encouraged me to think outside the box. It has equipped me with skills and motivated me to play my part in solving the heightening challenges prevalent in society. It made me realize my potential and helped me grow as a person. In a nut shell, it has been a wonderful experience. – Amna Aamer
This fellowship has given me an opportunity to further my understanding of problems facing million of people around the world in nations far from my home. It has helped me pinpoint issues I feel passionate about relating to Public Health and environmental issues and given me focus in my professional life towards my career goals. -Ellie Soccorssy
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