Environmental Sustainability Lab

A safe space for young people to access tools and resources to co-develop evidence-based, innovative capstone projects addressing local environmental sustainability challenges. It is hosted on user-friendly interface of ‘Workplace’ by Facebook.

Why call it a lab?

Many young people in Pakistan are acutely aware of the national social and environmental issues, but lack understanding of the complexity of these issues and solutions and have rarely been given the means and opportunity to take positive, meaningful action. We want to help them make sense of what they can do to navigate the complex change making pathways for environmental sustainability in Pakistan. That is, after all the essential point of a lab yes? To explore, learn, critique and ultimately make (positive) change more expedient.

The lab is helping young people move away from the passive stance of ‘let’s work across silos’ to active questions like ‘how do I bridge the gap’ and carve systemic pathways that mobilize transcendent collaboration for effective sustainability leadership.

This space will also allow prototyping and testing of viable, youth-driven solutions to solve environmental challenges in both urban and rural settings.

What does the lab offer?

How does it work?

If interested to become a member of Environmental Sustainability Lab, please visit: Join the Lab

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