SAGE | Sustainabilitea with Kamal Sisters

In this new series, Green Box invites young changemakers for sustainabilitea with co-founder Mohsen Gul. Mohsen poses candid questions about their motivations, experiences and hurdles. Our next guests are Maha and Sauleha Kamal, a sister-duo who have co-founded SAGE (Solutions for a New Age) which aims to spark a national dialogue on the future ofContinue reading “SAGE | Sustainabilitea with Kamal Sisters”

Is Artificial Intelligence the frontier solution to Global South’s wicked development challenges?

Co-authored with Mohsen Gul (University of Nottingham). This is based on research conducted for UNDP Innovation Unit Africa. For the purpose of this article, the Global South refers to countries in Africa, Latin America, and developing Asia including the Middle East. 1 Current Landscape To date almost all of research work has been focused onContinue reading “Is Artificial Intelligence the frontier solution to Global South’s wicked development challenges?”

Want to Fix the Development Sector? Stop Calling it “Development”

Anika Manzoor points out in this article for Harvard Kennedy Review that the fundamental problem with international development is that, as a Western invention, it inherently reinforces the existing power dynamics between the colonized and the colonizer. //

Silver Cities: Sustainable Development & Oldpreneurs

Institute of Public Policy Research’s 2014 Report on Silver Cities talks about the impact of two great global trends upon developed economies: urbanisation and demographic ageing. With falling birth rates and most people living longer and healthier lives than previous generations did, population ageing is now the dominant demographic trend in advanced economies. While differentContinue reading “Silver Cities: Sustainable Development & Oldpreneurs”