Want to Fix the Development Sector? Stop Calling it “Development”

Anika Manzoor points out in this article for Harvard Kennedy Review that the fundamental problem with international development is that, as a Western invention, it inherently reinforces the existing power dynamics between the colonized and the colonizer. //cdn.iframe.ly/embed.js

Accelerated pace required to achieve SDGs, finds UN’s 2017 report

About the Report The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2017 is the annual assessment of global and regional progress towards the Goals. The report is based on latest available data on selected indicators of the global SDG indicator framework, prepared by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs with inputs from a large number ofContinue reading “Accelerated pace required to achieve SDGs, finds UN’s 2017 report”

Black forest- Sustainable Travel Experience

  The Black Forest is Germany’s biggest nature park The Black Forest, with its vast forests, open mountain heights and peaks with grandiose views, its deep and mysterious cirque lakes and charming valleys, is a popular destination for holidaymakers and visitors. Unspoilt landscapes, nowadays rare in Germany, characterize this unique and varied part of the countryContinue reading “Black forest- Sustainable Travel Experience”

Investing in a cleaner way to feed a hungry world

  A blog post by: Richard Branson, English business magnate, investor and philanthropist. There are many issues that impact upon climate change, but few as negatively as livestock. It’s estimated that livestock produces 18 per cent of all “man-made” greenhouse gas emissions – making it a bigger contributor to global warming and environmental degradation than allContinue reading “Investing in a cleaner way to feed a hungry world”

Inspiring life of Ruth Pfau – the Savior of Leprosy Patients

A symbol of selfness Dr. Ruth Katharina Martha Pfau was a German nun who dedicated her life to eradicating Leprosy in Pakistan and has been called Pakistan’s ‘Mother Teresa’. Dr. Ruth Pfau was born on 9 September 1929, in Leipzig Germany was fourth of five daughters. During World War II as a teenager she barelyContinue reading “Inspiring life of Ruth Pfau – the Savior of Leprosy Patients”

Household and ambient air pollution in South Asia Region

Around 3 billion people still heat their homes and cook using solid fuels (that is, using wood, crop wastes, charcoal, coal or dung) in open fires and leaky stoves. The use of such inefficient fuels and technologies leads to high levels of household air pollution. In 2012, such household air pollution caused 4.3 million deathsContinue reading “Household and ambient air pollution in South Asia Region”

Al Gore’s Truth to Power: worth a watch?

Eleven years after the Oscar-winning An Inconvenient Truth laid out Al Gore’s urgent screed on the looming perils of global warming, the self-described “recovering politician” is back for a regrettably necessary follow-up, speaking to current leaders about the alarming environmental threats facing us all while, more constructively, offering pointers to sustainability. Everything said here isContinue reading “Al Gore’s Truth to Power: worth a watch?”