Higher Education for Sustainable Development in Pakistan

In Pakistan, several reports and articles have pointed out the youth population bulge and the need to utilise the potential of this demographic dividend. But a lesser stated fact is that this window of opportunity is expected to close by the year 2045 after which the young population in Pakistan will start to decrease. Hence,Continue reading “Higher Education for Sustainable Development in Pakistan”

ASEAN 4.0: Strengthening Environmental Governance in ASEAN Region through Fourth Industrial Revolution Technologies

About 40% of the land in six Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries is suffering from ‘severe or very severe’ human-induced degradation. With economic growth projected to grow at 8% a year for the next six years, pressure on the environment will increase substantially. As fourth industrial revolution reshapes economies and disrupt incumbencies, interestContinue reading “ASEAN 4.0: Strengthening Environmental Governance in ASEAN Region through Fourth Industrial Revolution Technologies”

The surprising solution to ocean plastic

Can we solve the problem of ocean plastic pollution and end extreme poverty at the same time? That’s the ambitious goal of The Plastic Bank: a worldwide chain of stores where everything from school tuition to cooking fuel and more is available for purchase in exchange for plastic garbage — which is then sorted, shreddedContinue reading “The surprising solution to ocean plastic”

ڈگری برائے علم یا نوکری؟

Sher Afghan Ranjha currently studies at the Government College University Lahore and at the age of 18 has raised an important question on behalf of his peers. In this essay titled ‘Degree for knowledge or job?’, he attempts to unravel the missing link of Pakistan’s current education system i.e. focus on real, holistic learning. SustainableContinue reading “ڈگری برائے علم یا نوکری؟”

The science of smog

On July 26, 1943, Los Angeles was blanketed by a thick gas that stung people’s eyes and blocked out the Sun. Panicked residents believed their city had been attacked using chemical warfare. But the cloud wasn’t an act of war. It was smog. So what is this thick gray haze actually made of? And whyContinue reading “The science of smog”