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Keep swimming! | GreenBox and new year!

Hey GBox family and friends,
It’s been more than a year now that Green Box has been running through remote support and we have been able to pivot the business model to address the social challenges faced by young people in Pakistan. I always talk about the equation as the core principle of any business that pain is equal to gain, and right now the youth in our country really needs us to create channels for them to activate their voice and leverage their power as active citizens.
Most of the team has been working in a volunteer capacity with the organization, and with no full-time salaried employee. My fellowship year is coming to an end by mid-July 2019 and I am considering to take Green Box lead role in a full-time capacity with other projects on consultancy mode. It is a big decision for me. As an entrepreneur, you need that space and support to make such difficult decisions, and honestly, I do not foresee a very strong support system for myself. Nevertheless, I am going to jump in this water and test if either I can survive or not. We should accept this that GreenBox as an idea is great but the devil lies in the implementation of the program, therefore, we need to revisit our strategy for taking the venture forward.
We wish to grow and scale our impact, therefore, we need to think big and challenge ourselves. We need to experiment! We need to learn to fail and rise! We need to trust each other in this journey! Keep swimming and keep pivoting until the customer (YOUTH!) is happy with our products and services.
I wish that we now move in raising funds and capital for the venture. We have piloted our programs in Pakistan with a profound impact of reaching more than 3000 young people through both of our delivery channels i.e. Youth Engagement Lab and Policy Toolbox. It may sound ambitious but I wish that we can raise capital of USD 50,000 by December 2019. Let’s just get our heads around this and make it happen.
I drive my energy from this quote of Terri Guillemets, “I wish you will chase down your passion like it’s the last bus of the night“. I often say even if you miss the bus let’s walk because it is important to just keep moving. Don’t let the limitation around ourselves define us, we can bring the change which we have promised to young people in our country.
I cannot do this alone, I need your help. If you are in, reach out to me and let’s start a dialogue. In the coming weeks, I will be arranging a video call sharing my vision and hope to get your feedback on the strategic plan of Green Box (the model is attached for your reference). Together let’s help the young people of Pakistan to channelize all their energy towards becoming leaders of just not tomorrow but today as well.

Best regards,
Ehsan Gul

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